Doubles rules

Doubles rules for use at WFDF 2019 WTDGC – Estonia

Doubles Rules and Formats

 These rules for doubles play have been approved by the PDGA Rules Committee.

Please note an update on the Doubles rules from PDGA. Since the change of rules on foot-faults and a misplay there is now no warning as previously stated in PDGA Rules but a one stroke penalty. There is also more clarity on specific situations such as players arriving late for Best Shot Doubles. See the official rules below.


Clarification of Rules

B.01 General

A doubles team consists of two players.

The PDGA Rules of Play are to be used except where superseded by these rules.

B.02 Order of Play

The throwing order for the first hole is decided by the flip of a disc. Throwing order on all subsequent tees is determined by the scores on the previous hole, so that the team with the lowest score throws first, and so on. Ties do not change the throwing order.

After all teams have a lie other than the teeing area, the team whose lie is farthest from the target is next in the throwing order.

Members of a team who are throwing from the same lie may throw in either order.

B.03 Penalties

Penalties incurred by a throw apply only to the team member who made the throw. All other warnings and penalties are incurred by the team as a whole and are scored against the team regardless of format.

Any throw which cannot possibly improve a team’s score is an extra throw. A team whose member has made an extra throw receives a warning for the first violation, and a penalty throw for each subsequent violation by any member of the team.

B.04 Lie

In formats where both team members throw from the same lie, a team member who throws from a lie other than the lie played by the first member to throw receives one penalty throw for misplay.

A lie being played by both team members must be marked using the same marker disc. Failure to do so is a marking violation.

If a lie being played by both team members is relocated for any reason, both members must play from the relocated lie.



Best Shot

Both team members throw from the teeing area. The team then chooses which of the two positions to play from for the next throw. Both team members throw from the resulting lie, and the team again chooses which of the two positions to play from, and so on.

A team completes a hole when either team member completes the hole.

The score for a team on a hole is the number of throws for the lies that were played, plus any penalty throws.

If a team picks up a thrown disc before a lie has been chosen or marked with a marker disc, the team may not choose that throw. If a team picks up both thrown discs without a lie having been marked, the second disc to have been picked up is replaced to its original position as agreed upon by the group, and the team must play from the resulting lie.

If one team member is absent, late, or ceases play, the other team member may play, but no throws are made on behalf of the missing team member. A late team member may join play only between holes.


Alternate Shot

The team chooses which member makes the first throw on the first hole. Each team member then throws from the lie resulting from the previous team member’s throw, and so forth.

A team completes a hole when either team member completes the hole.

The score for a team on a hole is the number of throws by that team, plus any penalty throws.

A throw by the incorrect team member is a misplay and incurs one penalty throw. The throw is disregarded, and the correct team member throws. If an additional throw has been made after the incorrect team member has thrown, the team receives two penalty throws, and play continues.

For any re-throw from the same lie, the same player makes the re-throw.

The team receives a score of par plus four for any hole missed by a late or absent team member. If either team member withdraws or is disqualified, the team is disqualified.


Modified Alternate Shot

Modified Alternate Throw is the same as Alternate Throw, with the following variation: The Director may designate which team member makes the first throw on each hole. This is the case at WTDGC where players chose to tee on odd numbered or even numbered holes before the match begins.

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